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With 10 years of experience in developing business growth, we have mastered the skills of understanding consumer needs, we are PT RESTU IBU BUMI, with superior quality and proud ambassadors of Indonesia's natural wealth. Our story is one of passion, commitment and relentless pursuit to provide the world with the best products from our abundant homeland.


productivity, by creating creative ideas


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Our service

PT RESTU IBU BUMI we offer a variety of services to support our customers in
export efforts. Our services include:
1.Product Sourcing: We help our clients source high quality products from
trusted manufacturers in Indonesia.
We carefully select and evaluate suppliers to ensure that products meet
desired standards and specifications.
1.Export Assistance: We provide comprehensive export assistance, guiding our
clients through the entire export process.
This includes documentation preparation, customs clearance, and compliance
with export regulations.
1.Market Research and Analysis: We conduct market research and analysis to
identify potential export markets and assess market trends and demand.This
helps our clients make informed decisions regarding their export strategies.
1.Marketing and Promotion: We help in promoting and marketing our clients’
products in the international market.
This includes developing marketing strategies, creating promotional materials,
and utilizing digital platforms to reach target customers.
1.Business Networking: We facilitate business networking opportunities for our
clients, connecting them with potential buyers,
distributors and other business partners. This helps them expand their network
and build valuable collaborations.
Our services are designed to simplify the export process, minimize risk and
maximize the success of our clients’ export efforts.
We are committed to providing the best service and guaranteeing our
customers’ satisfaction. Of our customers 

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