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coconut charcoal shisa

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We are pt restu ibu bumi.company engaged in export marketing to all over the world. We specialize in selling the best Indonesian shisa&bbq coconut charcoal products to the global market. By having an extensive network of manufacturers, suppliers, and business partners in various sectors. PT Restu Ibu Bumi is committed to providing the best trading solutions by providing fast and friendly service as the top priority of business trust, especially in the field of coconut shell charcoal

The factory has also set up an advanced production system that utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure the quality standards of coconut charcoal are met for the products produced every day. A commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction differentiates within industries, and helps develop meaningful relationships with customers around the world. The company also aims to reduce the need for traditional charcoal, and promote sustainability in the global economy

Our main products consist of pure coconut charcoal and also the rest of coconut charcoal mixed with the best choice wood in the country.our coconut charcoal is not only a connoisseur of hookah and baking, but also as an alternative energy, , as a warmer inside and outside the house

We will provide superior coconut charcoal products with the best service from us

best coconut charcoal

PT.RESTU IBU BUMI offers the best coconut charcoal with unparalleled superior quality

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PT. RESTU IBU BUMI ensures a guaranteed coconut charcoal supply line to meet global needs.


we at PT.RESTU IBU BUMI is committed to bringing innovation in the field of sustainable coconut charcoal

Superior partner

PT Restu Ibu Bumi is a partner dedicated to providing high quality products from Indonesia. As an industry leader, we PT.RESTU IBU BUMI present superior coconut charcoal  commodities carefully processed to ensure standards

Discover the natural beauty of Indonesia through high quality products from PT. BLESSINGS OF OUR MOTHER EARTH. Contact us now for mutually beneficial cooperation and feel the reliability of PT.RESTU IBU BUMI in providing natural wealth 

coconut charcoal shisa

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We prioritize sustainability in every step of our business, from the process of selecting raw materials to distribution. Our products are derived from sustainable natural resources and processed using the latest technology, thus providing competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

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With an extensive network and 10 years experience, we are ready to meet your export needs with professionalism and integrity who always understand the importance of long-term cooperation and are committed to providing the best service, making the first choice to meet your products

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coconut charcoal

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